5 Reasons You Should be Talking About Digital Marketing


The whole world is going digital. Thus, it is no surprise that digital marketing is the future of marketing. In fact soon there the term ‘digital marketing’ would be marketing because all marketing would be digital.

Are you still undecided about using digital marketing in your business? These 5 brief reasons will help you understand why you should be considering it sooner rather than later.

Connect with Your Consumers Over The Internet

Have multimedia connections with your customers over the internet regardless of their physical location.

Saves You Money

Some creative digital marketing campaigns are made at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

Improves Customer Service

You’re able to guide the customer through every step of the customer journey.

Levels The Playing Field

You can now compete favourable with your larger competitors in the market using the same tools and channels.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Consistent and ethical use of digital marketing can help your brand to stand out from your competitors.

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How Social Media Marketing Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Social Media Marketing
Social media is something that some businesses don’t quite understand yet. Some see it as a silver bullet to end all their marketing woes. They believe that ones they jump onto the most popular network out there and start promoting their products and services they’ll automatically get customers queuing at their doorsteps to buy.

But, some business owners see social media as a mere fad, a waste of time with no tangible business value. They see those engaging in social media as merely playing or chatting on Facebook and Twitter.

Yet, the reason why these mistaken opinions abound is because these business owners have not seen the real value of social media marketing and how it can keep them out of trouble.

So how can social media marketing keep you out of trouble?

Increased Brand Recognition

With social media marketing they’re able to gain control of their brand image and educate their fans and followers about the brand values and culture.

Social media marketing offers brands the ability to differentiate themselves from their competitors and help increase brand recognition to their target audience who after being exposed to the brand on social media can now tell the difference between that brand and it’s competitors. So the chances of getting into trouble as a result of mistaken identities are reduced.

Higher Brand Authority

Social media marketing offers brands the ability to stamp themselves as an authority in their chosen field. Through the content that they consistently provide on their social networks, they can establish their knowledge and experience about their chosen field. Therefore to their fans and followers the brand would become the respected authority when it comes to issues on that subject matter.

This is why it is important for brands to pay close attention to the type of content that they provide fans and followers. Being recognised as an authority in your chosen field is something every brand needs to aspire towards. When your brand is seen as an authority in your industry there’s every likelihood that you would want to maintain that position and as such it will instill in all the staff the desire to steer clear of trouble so as not to tarnish the brand image.

Decreased Marketing Costs

Social media offers a fine platform for brands to test the initial reaction of their target audience to a particular product, service or marketing campaign before investing further in it. The cost of marketing and advertising on social media is often less than advertising in traditional marketing channels like print, radio and television.

Richer Customer Insight and Experiences

The data you gather from your social media analysis can help you in crafting unique and richer customer experiences that would keep your satisfied customers coming back to you. Satisfied customers then share their experiences with others through word of mouth which will in turn help in promoting your brand and bringing in new customers. This is a whole lot cheaper and therefore you’ll not get into trouble with expensive traditional marketing channels.

These are just a few of the ways how social media marketing can keep you out of trouble. So keep devoting enough time and resources to growing your business through social media marketing. It’s the safe route to follow.

Some of The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

These days some┬ápeople I meet online (especially on Twitter) claim to be social media experts, gurus or influencers simply because they happen to have bought a couple thousand fake followers or they are involved in one “follow back” scheme or another. I’ve also come across a few business owners who also have their own opinion about social media marketing.

Find below some of the worst advice I’ve ever heard about social media marketing (in no particular order):

Don’t bother with Social media it is a waste of time

This often comes from business owners who’ve tasted the waters of social media in the past (without any real strategy) hoping to become overnight social media success stories. After spewing out a tonne of posts and tweets and spamming everyone they know (or don’t know) with their sales pitch and nothing happens they eventually become disillusioned and conclude that social media is a waste of time.

But, social media is not a waste of time. Neither is it a tool that you use without any clear cut strategy and then think you’ll automatically become an overnight success story. Real social media marketing requires a strategy and just like anything else takes time, effort and resources to yield positive results.

Not all businesses need social media

But, the truth is that these days all businesses need social media. But the strategy for each business is different. Social media marketing is not a one size fits all affair. Each business needs to develop its own unique strategy based on its individual business goals.

Each business should look to identify the key performance indicators that matter most to their brands. Businesses need to go beyond focusing on vain metrics like follower counts, likes and think of how to design unique customer experiences using social media marketing. They need to real 2-way communication with their target audience using social media marketing.

You don’t need a strategy just start posting

As mentioned already effective social media marketing needs a strategy. The social media marketing strategy for one business will be different from another based on factors such as the industry, target market, positioning of the brand, and so on.

Gone are the days when businesses had power. These days as a result of the internet and social media, power has shifted from the organisations to their customers. So for any social media marketing strategy to be successful it must focus on the customers.

Be active on all existing social media platforms

For the sake of branding purposes, it is advisable for brands to claim their brand names on as many social media platforms as possible. If they have the time and resources to be active on all existing social media platforms and can provide valuable content to their online communities, that’s great.

But for many small businesses it is often not practical due to their limited resources. So that is why they need a strategy that would help them highlight the relevant social media platforms which they should focus their time and resources on and the ones that would yield the highest return on investments.

Just promote your brand only all day long

This is totally wrong! Social media is about building communities of individuals who share common values and belief. So real social media marketing is not about promoting your brand only all day long rather it is about your brand engaging with members of the online communities to which the brand belongs.

Your social media communities do not belong to your brand. Your social media communities belong to the individuals that make up these communities. So your brand should serve them and not the other way round. You need to respect them, engage in meaningful conversations with them and provide content that would be of value to them. Social media marketing is not about your brand. It’s about your customers and others interested in your brand.

Focus on one Network only

As mentioned above already it might not be practicable for small businesses who have limited resources to focus on all social networks. Yet, this is not to say that they should focus on just one network either. It does not make any practical sense to put all your eggs into one basket.

You need to study your target audience and pick 2 or 3 networks where they’re most active and focus the bulk of your resources on these networks.

These are some of the worst advice I’ve ever heard about social media marketing. What’s the worst advice you’ve ever heard about social media marketing?