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How to Make Your Email Marketing Look Professional

Email Marketing

Is your email marketing strategy based on sending random emails about your products or services to people you don’t know from Adam, in the hope that at least one of them would respond? Then I have news for you my friend… that’s called spam! It’s against the law and against good business ethics. Here are some suggestions you should consider instead to make your email marketing look professional.


Make sure you have setup a proper system for interested persons to subscribe to recieve email marketing messages from you. Don’t send your email newsletter to anyone who has not subscribed. Ideally, your subscription process should include a double opt-in email authentication, whereby someone interested in receiving your email must submit their details through the subscription form on your website and also click a link in a welcome email that they will receive from you to indicate that they have given you permission to continue to send them your email. This helps to guard against your email being labelled as spam by the recipient.

Clear Focus, Message and Value Proposition

Ensure that your marketing message connects with your subscribers on an emotional level and provides them value. Your email needs to have a clear focus, message and value proposition. If you are promoting a new product or service, then it also helps to include special offers, coupons and discounts.

Content Ratio

You need to be careful about the type of information you provide in your email. For best results, adopt the 80/20 rule! Let 80% of your email be about current industry news and trends, analyst reports, etc and 20% on your product or service. This will make your email marketing portray you as an authoritative source of information about your industry, product or service. You should also adopt the 80/20 when it comes to the amount of text and images in your email by providing more text than images.

Contact List

You need to keep your contact list fresh and relevant by regularly deleting people who have unsubscribed or those with bounced email addresses. You should also delete those who are no longer opening, reading or engaging with your email. Your chosen email marketing service provider will provide you with the necessary tools to do this.

Less Jargon

As much as possible avoid using industry jargon except when you’re sure that your reader will understand the meaning of the terms. If it is unavoidable, then explain the jargon that you’ve used in simple terms for your reader to understand. Also, go straight to the point using catchy subject lines. Be honest and transparent in all your email marketing to your subscribers.

Easy to Unsubscribe

Include a prominent ‘unsubscribe’ link in each email marketing message you send out to give your reader the option of opting-out of receiving any further email communication from you. If they choose to unsubscribe, be sure to delete their details from your database immediately so that you don’t make the mistake of sending them email again in the future. Depending on your chosen email service provider, any person who unsubscribes is usually deleted on your behalf so as to avoid spam.
These are just a few of the things you need to do to keep your email marketing looking professional. Email marketing is still one of the most effective means of marketing to your existing and potential customers.

Would like to add email marketing to your other marketing activities? Or are you already using email marketing but not seeing any tangible results? Feel free to contact me. I will be glad to help.

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5 Steps to Creating an Effective Social Media Campaign

5 Steps to Creating an Effective Social Media Campaign

These past few months have been very exciting what with all the changes taking place on social networks and its effect on businesses. If you’re still wondering how to implement an effective social media campaign, not to worry. I have summarised below 5 simple steps to creating an effective social media campaign.


The first thing you need to do is to listen to what your target audience are currently talking about on social media with regards to your brand, business or industry. Careful listening to online conversations about your brand or industry will provide you with valuable insights into who are your existing and potential customers and what makes them tick.


As with most things in life, before you venture into it you have to have a goal. Not just any type of goal, but a smart goal. A smart goal is basically a goal that you can achieve within a specific timeframe, taking into account your available resources. It must be a goal that can be easily measured. For instance, in addition to increasing the number of your fans/followers, you can also consider increasing the number of people seeing, liking, commenting and sharing your posts. Whatever your goal on social media is, it is important that it aligns with the overall vision and mission of your business.


Social media is not a passing fad, it is here to stay. Therefore you need to have a long term strategy in place on how to integrate social media into your other marketing efforts. Your plan has to look at the ‘big picture’ with regards to your ultimate business vision and mission. And it is best to have a strategy that integrates both your online and offline marketing activities.


Regarding the actual implementation of your strategy, ask yourself: What social network are my customers using? What kind of posts appreciate? Answers to questions like these will help you implement the right tactics.


As stated earlier, whatever your goal is on social media, you need to identify how you’re going to measure it. Whichever metric you choose to use to measure your performance has to be relevant to your overall business mission and vision.

These are the 5 simple steps you need to take to create an effective social media campaign. Social media is fundamentally simple, but its ever-changing subtleties and finer points take years to master. So if all this sounds too daunting for you, then, you need to seek advice from a social media consultant.

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Rewards for our Top Fans

Thank you for your support in 2013. Our amazing customers, blog subscribers, newsletter subscribers, fans and followers on all our social networks are the reason we love working.

To show our appreciation, we started the year by giving prizes to 3 of our most active fans with free one-year license to ‘Marketing Your Business on the Web’ – an online e-learning course worth $29.00USD each!

See the post below announcing the prizes and the response it got. Looking forward to continue working with you in 2014!


Chatwing’s Innovative Functions to Help Increase Website Traffic and Engagement


Chatting tools come in all sizes and forms and each with its own unique variations. For a site owner, choosing the right one is important as it serves as a means for them to create a better relationship with their clients. One chatting tool might be free but lacks a lot in providing a better customer service and some may have everything he needs, but for a price. However, there’s one chatting tool that is very efficient and at the same time affordable – Chatwing.

Site owners can get this chat app by registering an account on the Chatwing site. Using it only requires them to copy the chatroom’s code and paste them onto their site. It works on over a hundred web platforms so it’s very flexible. Unfortunately however, one can’t embed it on some free webhosting sites, WordPress being an example, unless they upgrade into a paid hosting service. Chatwing is lined up with a lot of features – here are just some of a few.

Chatters are allowed to log-in with their Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Goggle accounts through the log interface’s social media integration capacity.  That means there’s no need for them to register an account, like what most chatrooms require their chatters to do, in order to join in the chatroom.  Added to the four logging options is the Chatwing account log-in, or the Guest option for anonymous log-ins.

They can also customize greatly to make it look more unique and appealing to their viewers. There are wide variations the user can choose in modifying it, resulting in unique results fitting his preferences. He can allow URL links inside the chatroom to redirect the users to their particular destinations and even allow video and image links to be shown inside the chatroom. And while they’re chatting inside, he can play music by embedding one in it.

Security is another important aspect of Chatwing’s features and is regarded as one of the most useful. With it, the user can prevent people in using the chatroom if finds them unworthy of doing so. This can be applied with spammers and other rude people. Aside from banning them, he can also delete their messages and employ moderators to help him monitor the chatroom.

The features Chatwing chat software has might seem too much for it, but there’s no need to worry, as everything in it has its own purpose. And with this chat software on the site, the site owners can easily communicate with their clients, and they on the other hand can put forth their worries and thoughts about the site just as easy. By bringing them a good and satisfying service, the viewers are sure to come back for more and the chatroom will help increasing the site’s good reputation by always providing good and credible information through live chat.

Author Bio:

Aaron Kong is a developer of Chatwing chat software and an overall open source communication advocate. Open and free communication principles are the core belief of Kong and behind the development of Chatwing. Kong enjoys participating in numerous open source projects when he is not working on the next generation of Chatwing features. He is also an avid Android developer and online gaming enthusiast. Find Chatwing online @

How To Grow Your Business Online

How To Grow Your Business Online

As difficult as it is to grow your small business in the real world, it is similarly difficult to grow the same business online. But difficult as it may seem, it’s not impossible.

Growing your business online will help to keep your customers comming back even when you’re not offering them any deals or sales promotion. Growing your business online will help to build your brand awareness and online reputation. It will also help you gain loyalty amongst your customers and brand advocates. How do you grow your business online?

Know Your Target Audience Online

Knowing who your target audience involves knowing your customer demographics e.g. their gender, age, marital status, household income and location etc. This will help you tailor your products or services to meet their needs. To know your target audience online, you need to know where your target audience spends their time online. Conduct an extensive keyword research and use your targeted keywords to reach your target audience.

Tailor Your Offerings To Your Target Audience

Based on your knowledge of who your target audience is you will need to tailor your products and services to your target audience.

Be Consistent

Let your brand and brand messaging be consistent across all channels. So regardless of whether your audience are interacting with your brand via desktop, mobile or social media, their experience should be the same. Create consistent messaging throughout your buying cycle.

Build Your Brand Personality

Create links from blogs and forums to which you belong and let these links point back to your website. Get a custom domain and email in the name of your brand. If you really want to grow your business online you should avoid using free email and web hosting services. This would only affect your online reputation negatively. Focus on creating a professional website and adopt the same look and feel of your website on your social media.

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Implementing all these in your small business will help you grow your business online. If you found these tips useful, the please use the bottons below to share it with your friends and colleagues. Catch you later.

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