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Engaging with readers through comments and feedback should be one of the most important goals of any blog.  One of the key features that promotes good engagement with readers is the comment box.

There are many different comment box and depending on the platform on which your blog is built, it may have its own default comment box. With time however, many bloggers discover that their default comment box is no longer adequate. This leads to many to search for suitable alternatives like Disqus, Livefyre, etc.

If you are like me and read many blogs, by now you are probably aware of the Disqus comment box which is gradually becoming one of the most popular commenting platform today. The Mauco Blog is now using Disqus.

So what are some of the reasons why I chose to adopt Disqus as my new comment platform?

Disqus is used by some of the biggest websites and blogs on the internet today. It integrates seamlessly into your current website or blog regardless of the platform of your blog. With a few quick and easy steps you can have your new commenting system up and running in no time… the only time consuming part would be exporting your comments from your existing comment box to Disqus. If you have accumulated several thousands comments already, this should take a while to export to Disqus.

Disqus is also a fully real time commenting box and this makes it the perfect choice for those who want to participate on breaking news,hot discussions, live events and video content.

Another important feature of Disqus is that it allows your readers to log in with with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Disqus and OpenID. This eliminates the need for you to create new accounts on every blog.

If you choose to sign in with Twitter or Facebook, you’ll also have the option of sharing your comment with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. This increases the viral promotion of a comment on your blog.

If the person commenting already has a Disqus profile, their avatar and commenting history on other websites will also be visible. This helps people find other blogs of similar interests with the possibility of cross promoting blogs.

These are some of the benefits I considered when adopting the Disqus commenting system. I want to interact and connect more with all readers of this blog.

Do you use Disqus and what are your thoughts about it? Do you have another commenting system that you recommend? Share your thoughts in our new Disqus comment box below.

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    I can’t find OpenID here. I can only see a bullshit for Internet guests (Facebook, Twitter and so on), but not for Internet citizens which is what OpenID supposed to be.

  • Mark Ferdinand Tayag

    thanks for the article. I am planning to use disqus and I’m in the process of importing comments now. :)

  • Richard Hartley

    Hi Ademola. I am already using Disqus and it works really well. It encourages visitor engagement and discourages the bedroom spammer. I hope it works well for you too.

  • mauconline

    You’re welcome! Sorry for the late response. Hope your comment importation process went smoothly?

  • mauconline

    Hi Richard, thanks for your comment. It’s working well :)

  • Makoy Tayag

    it went smoothly but my issue now is merging my Google account with my Disqus account. I’m thinking of deleting my accounts and start from scratch.

  • Ademola Abimbola

    Hi Makoy, glad to learn it went smoothly :-) Let me know how you eventually solve the merging issue

  • Jason Walker

    We keep meaning to set it up as our Blog commenting system because at the moment were just using the wordpress one

  • Ademola Abimbola

    Hi Jason, I’d says go for it… it’s great! And when you’ve set it up, feel free to drop me a link to check it out too :)

  • Janny

    Just gotta love disqus :)

  • Dean

    Is this discus commenting will effect SEO.

  • Ademola Abimbola

    Hi Dean, Great question! As far as I know Disqus wasn’t developed for SEO there’s not much impact.