Facebook’s New News Feed Design and Your Business

Since it was lunched 9 years ago, Facebook has undergone many changes. Whilst some of these changes are favourably received, others were not. This social media giant that boasts of a billion users has recently launched a new news feed design justĀ  weeks after it had launched its Graph Search feature.

So what does the new news feed design mean for you and your business?

The redesigned Timeline is a single column timeline. They have removed the boxes for photos, friends, map, subscriber information etc from the top of the page and moved it lower on the page. All these items will now appear in horizontally in a menu at the top of the page. Now adverts will occupy the whole right hand side. Your About Me info has been moved to right below your profile picture.

All posts are now on the right side of the timeline, with photos, music and other recent activity on the left. The size of photos and videos have been enlarged, making the quality of visual media more important than ever before.

Focus on high quality images. A picture is said to say more than a thousand words. Like Pinterest and Google+, Facebook has decided to give more prominence to your photos in its new design. Lay more emphasise by telling the story of your brand through more photos than before. Also remeber to use a more visually appealing cover photo that represents your brand.

Learn to post more about trending topics and sharing differen types of media content. Now is also the time for you to try Instagram app (if you have not done so already) to see how you can incorporate it into your social media plan.

The new facebook new feed design is an opportunity for businesses and brands on facebook to refine their publishing and engagement strategies yet again to ensure that they are still relevant in the feeds of their fans. You also need to be clear on what value your business and brand is providing your customers and fans on facebook.

So are the new facebook changes good or bad? Only time will tell. But meanwhile if you’d like to signup to join the waiting list for the new design, you can do so here

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