Why Mauco says Google Plus is Great for Business

Google+Google+ has been around for a couple of years now and has managed to gather a huge following worldwide. Since the introduction of Google+ Business Pages many business owners have been wondering if they should jump on this new social network and if it would be beneficial for their business.

If you’re one of those business owners sceptical about using Google+ today I have decided to share some my personal reasons why I think Google+ is great for business.

Indexed By Google

Using Google+ can help your customers find you easier and faster on the Google search engine and the web in general

Cleaner and More User-Friendly

The design, layout and navigation of Google+ is cleaner and more user friendly that all its competitors. This makes it easy to share posts, comment, add your photos and video. It also makes it easy to follow other users and your privacy settings are easier to understand.

More Activity

With Google+ the quality of users trumps its quantity. So though other social networks may boast of higher number of users with Google+ the quality and professionalism of its users is evident from the conversations and the content being shared by users.

Growing Rapidly

Though a relatively young social network, Google+ is growing rapidly. With the huge resources being invested by Google in this social network it is definitely set to be a strong contender for the biggest social network on the planet.

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